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Everything You Need to Know About Formulation Technologist Pharmaceutical Careers

pharmaceutical careersFor students serious about finding opportunities as a research and development professional, pharmaceutical formulation technology can offer excellent career options.

Formulation technologists (also known as formulation chemists and scientists) are responsible for developing new drug formulas, and testing them to ensure both quality and effectiveness. They are also tasked with the recording of strict regulations and instructions and creating new projects that will grow and improve drug manufacturing.

If you are interested in building a career as a formulation technologist, read on to learn more about the different challenges and opportunities you can expect in this profession.

Formulation Technologists Test the Viability of Drug Formulas Before Manufacturing Begins

A formulation technologist must conduct a physical and chemical examination of all material substances (gas, liquids, solids) used for the purposes of researching and developing new products. This means that they must manage sampling analyses to ensure that raw and chemical materials are maintained at high quality standards. Formulation technologists will then create a clear list of ingredients to be used and properly measured by drug manufacturing personnel in a GMP facility. This part is the intersect between science and creativity.

In Canada, a formulation technologist must also obey the strict regulatory laws and objectives of Health Canada when testing new drug formulas, as well as taking those of regulatory bodies in other countries – such as the FDA in the United States – into account should the drug be intended for export.

Formulation chemists ensures that drugs will meet standard regulatory requirements
Formulation chemists ensures that drugs will meet standard regulatory requirements

Proper r&d pharmaceutical training will help you make sure that any drug formulas you develop follow regulations, while also delivering the drug in the desired manner. While Health Canada will enforce strict guidelines for formulas, formulation scientists are encouraged to think creatively in order to seize new opportunities for improving or experimenting with drug formulas where possible.

Formulation Technologists are in Demand at Top Pharmaceutical Companies

Aside from their other responsibilities, a formulation technologist can work alongside other scientists to develop valuable and efficient company assets and intellectual property. For example, they can help design or fabricate experimental apparatuses and tools to develop new products or processes. They can also assist in developing new chemical engineering processes or production techniques.

For biopharmaceutical and biotech companies, formulation technologists are in high demand
For biopharmaceutical and biotech companies, formulation technologists are in high demand

As a result, experienced formulation technologists tend to be highly prized by biopharmaceutical, biotechnology and advanced-drug delivery companies, among other organizations. This means that students interested in pursuing pharmaceutical careers will find many opportunities in this area after graduation.

R&D Pharmaceutical Training Will Give You the Skills for Formulation Technology Careers

Pharmaceutical Research & Development Technology programs like those offered at the Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology (TIPT) can improve your chances of breaking into the formulation technology field. TIPT’s program can be completed in just 52 weeks, helping you get your career started fast.

In addition to acquiring specialized knowledge in areas like pharmaceutical formulation technology, you will receive practical, real work experience in a fully functioning GMP facility. TIPT also offers internships to give you the professional experience you need to begin your career. This combination of comprehensive education and hands-on training will ensure you are fully prepared for a great career in the pharmaceutical industry.

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