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Why Behavioural GMP Training Standards Matter for Those Studying for a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Diploma and Career

GMP certification

Structure is important in a pharmaceutical setting. It makes sure that staff members are following the same set of guidelines, thus ensuring a consistent and effective product for the customer. It’s essential, however, that these structures are devised properly, or else results will suffer.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are industry standards which companies must follow, and they are integrated into the training offered in any good pharmaceutical manufacturing program. Behavioural GMP training is the process through which students learn to incorporate these guidelines into their day-to-day practice as they gain hands-on experience and skills. Let’s take a closer look at why this can be so significant in the pharmaceutical sector.

GMP sets the Product Standards During the Manufacturing Process

Good Manufacturing Practices have become commonplace in an effort to prevent the production of unsafe or ineffective pharmaceutical products. These robust systems are in place to ensure high manufacturing process standards in relation to premises, equipment, personnel, sanitation, raw materials, and quality control.

GMP is designed to prevent errors during the manufacturing process
GMP is designed to prevent errors during the manufacturing process

These guidelines are regularly updated and may also come under the acronym CGMP to represent Current Good Manufacturing Practices. A certain amount of discretion is afforded to manufacturers in organizing the best practices for their own company, but national regulators maintain very close oversight on the industry. As a result, professionals with GMP certification and hands-on training are an asset in numerous sectors, including the production of food, drugs, cosmetics and medical devices.

Students Benefit From Training in GMP Approved Facilities During a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Diploma

Each country has its own pharmaceutical regulations, and professionals in the sector know that meeting those requirements is vital in order to gain product approval. Health Canada’s Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate carry out inspections to verify GMP compliance, which is required in order to gain an establishment license.

Training in a GMP approved pilot plant, like the one at Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology (TIPT), is therefore invaluable in gaining real experience adhering to GMP guidelines, allowing students to transfer their theoretical knowledge of GMP into a practical setting before they even enter the workforce.

This behavioural approach ensures that graduates are fully prepared to meet and introduce best practices within their future workplaces, and is an also excellent addition to their resume when applying for job opportunities in top pharmaceutical companies.

GMP is Vital in Preventing Production of Sub-Standard Products

Testing is regularly carried out on new and existing pharmaceutical products, but this serves a limited purpose in establishing whether they are safe or not. While it is not practical to test every single batch of a particular drug, the possibility of errors is drastically reduced if best practice is regularly followed in the workplace.

Testing must be supplemented with GMP to ensure a safe product is manufactured
Testing must be supplemented with GMP to ensure a safe product is manufactured

The training standards set out in a behavioural GMP program help to prevent errors during the manufacturing process, increasing the likelihood that each batch of a pharmaceutical product has the same properties and has not been contaminated. Pharmaceutical companies aim to help the customer by providing safe and effective products, and GMP is vital in ensuring that objective becomes a reality.

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