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[mk_blockquote font_family=”none”]At TIPT, we take pride in our high graduate employment rate and our students’ excellent record of paying back OSAP loans. We have instituted a structure that not only facilitates first class education, but one that takes our students to the next level after graduation.[/mk_blockquote]

TIPT Career Services

TIPT Career Services Advisor

The Career Services Advisor is a full-time TIPT staff member whose primary responsibility is to act as a liaison between the pharmaceutical industry and our graduates. Twice a year, the Career Services department organizes the TIPT Career Fair which brings together TIPT graduates with pharmaceutical industry representatives.

Throughout the year, Career Services actively contacts the industry to inform them of the wealth of candidates graduating from TIPT and how they can be valuable assets to their organizations.

Career Services also works with graduates to help them understand how to successfully apply for jobs in the pharmaceutical industry. This includes résumé writing tips, interview preparation, and industry insight.

Career Fair

The TIPT Career Fair is held twice a year and is designed to bring graduates face to face with pharmaceutical industry representatives. It is a great opportunity for TIPT graduates to network talk to the actual people who hire for pharmaceutical companies. Held at the Ontario Science Centre, it has become one of the best places for the industry to find valuable employees for their organizations.

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Take the “Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology Training Readiness Quiz”

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The fun, online quiz takes 3 minutes to complete and you’ll get a personalized report. Identify your strengths and social style plus the training and positions you’re best suited for. Get Your Pharmaceutical Technology Training Readiness score now.

Graduate Success

 TIPT Graduates have been hired by:

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The pharmaceutical skills certifications earned by successful graduates of our programs are of a consistently high quality, making TIPT alumni some of the most desirable employees of leading pharmaceutical industry companies.

High Graduate Employment Rate

We take pride in our high graduate employment rate and our students’ excellent record of paying back OSAP loans. We have instituted a structure that not only facilitates first class education, but one that takes our students to the next level after graduation.

A low OSAP Loan default rate is the best indication that graduates are getting the most value out of their education.

The 2016 OSAP Loan default rate for TIPT is only 0%, meaning 100% of our students were able to make their payments. OSAP stats show a much higher 2016 default rate of 7.5% for Private Career Colleges.

Previous OSAP  Loan Default Rates

Ontario OSAP Loan Default Rate information

Key Performance Indicators Report

2013 Ontario KPI for the Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology

Ontario Private Career Colleges information

TIPT Career Fairs

Twice a year, TIPT hosts an exciting forum that brings together some of the top names from the pharmaceutical industry in Canada, the United States and around the globe. It’s an opportunity for students past and present as well as corporate players to present what they have to offer. The event has increased in size each year and we look forward to great success in our upcoming Career Fair.

Our next Career Fair will be held in 2018

View pictures from previous TIPT Career Fairs on our Facebook Page

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Pharmaceutical Careers

Research and Development

Creative and determined science graduates who enjoy challenges will be a good fit in the Research and Development program. There is a consistent demand for skilled individuals; those with training such as a post-graduate diploma will have many career options.

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Research and Development Graduates are successful at:

Graduates of this program are qualified for a career as:

  • Formulation Technologist
  • Drug Research Scientist
  • Process Development Technician
  • Analytical Research & Development Technician
  • Technical Writer



Regulatory Affairs

TIPT Regulatory Affairs KPI

The number of career opportunities continues to grow in the field of pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs. As regulatory processes increase in complexity and scope, and globalization occurs within the field, there will be continuing industry demand for people with a strong foundation in regulatory affairs. Rapidly expanding research and development efforts, and the need to increase speed to market, depend on the strategic involvement of competent regulatoryaffairs professionals. In addition, the experience will allow students to acquire specialized, hands-on skills within a specific industry.

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Regulatory Affairs Graduates are successful at:

Regulatory Affairs Administrator
This role will play a vital part in supporting regulatory compliant strategies for business development, while working closely with the research and development and International sales teams. Your objective is to support the regulatory affairs activities to ensure corporate goals are achieved in a compliant organized manner.

Regulatory Affairs Associate
Your primary responsibility is to assist in the development of procedures and processes to ensure compliance with the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations, applicable provincial regulations and other applicable industry codes. The Regulatory Affairs Associate also interacts with relevant departments as well as external partners to ensure products are submitted, approved and launched in a timely manner.

Regulatory Affairs Manager
You will be responsible for the overview, guidance of the preparation, review, issue resolution, filing management of regulatory submission.

Clinical Quality Control Associate
As a Clinical Quality Control Associate you will ensure all prepared study source documents and/or forms are in accordance to protocols SOP’s and regulations. You must observe clinical procedures during the studies and make sure that they are performed in accordance to GCP regulation (Ie. Screening procedures, subject entrance etc.).

Stability Control Coordinator
The primary function of this role will be to support the goals and objectives of the Quality Assurance department in the development and maintenance of the companies stability program which supports the shelf life of there client’s products

Screening Clinical Data Reviewer
As a Data reviewer you will review and screen study files generated during subject selection for clinical trials

Regulatory Affairs Project Manager
As a Project Manager you will lead the development and implementation of regulatory strategic plans including regulatory strategy documents. You will prepare, submit and negotiate approvals of NDS, SNDS and NC’s

Regulatory Affair’s graduates are also successful in:

  • Medical Information Specialist
  • Quality Assurance Associate
  • Scientific Affairs Associate
  • Validation Consultant
  • Drug Safety Specialist



Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology

TIPT Manufacturing Technology KPI

A graduate of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing program you will be responsible for the efficient operations to meet and exceed required results aligned with the objectives of the organization you may be working for.

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Manufacturing Technology Graduates are successful at:

Packaging Operator
You will be involved in the packaging of products and operating packaging equipment according to GMP and SOP specifications

Processing Operator
Processing Operators contribute to the team by being involved in all aspects of the processing bulk pharmaceutical products in a regulated manufacturing environment. Some responsibilities may include dispensing of raw material, set-up and operation of a fluid-bed granulator, tablet presses, film coating equipment and other processing and test equipment. These individuals monitor and record all processing parameters and maintain all necessary processing and sanitation documentation.

Processing Technologists
In this position you will be responsible to safely manufacture high quality pharmaceutical products according to established schedules

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operator:
You will operate and troubleshoot manufacturing equipment that produces pills and tablets, as well as performing in-process and sampling testing as necessary for quality regulations

Manufacturing Compounder
As a compounder you’ll be involved in compounding raw materials and manufacturing bulk product in strict GMP compliance.

Typical Pharmaceutical Manufacturing you may also explore are:

  • Production Technician
  • Manufacturing Associate

Through your studies at TIPT, you will have already gained significant manufacturing experience. As you gain more experience on the job, you will receive more training that allows you to progress further within a company[/mk_toggle]


Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance & Control

TIPT Quality Assurance and Quality Control KPI

The terms “Quality Assurance” and “Quality Control” are often used interchangeably to refer to ways of ensuring the quality of a service or product. The terms, however, have different meanings.

Assurance: The act of giving confidence, the state of being certain or the act of making certain.
Quality Assurance: The planned and systematic activities implemented in a quality system so that quality requirements for a product or service will be fulfilled.
Control: An evaluation to indicate needed corrective responses; the act of guiding a process in which variability is attributable to a constant system of chance causes.
Quality Control: The observation techniques and activities used to fulfill requirements for quality.

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Quality Assurance and Control Graduates are successful at:

Quality Assurance Product Release Coordinator
Responsible for the release/rejecting of raw material, semi-finished, and finished product manufactured by affiliate/third party vendors. Prior to the release for use and sale, ensure that all pertinent manufacturing, packaging and testing documents are complete and are reflected accordingly and complies with all regulatory commitments.

Bench Chemist in QA Department
As a Bench Chemist your main objective is to support microbiologists in environmental testing while maintaining equipment in manufacturing and production

Quality Assurance Administrator
Your will prepare and revise analytical forms in a timely manner for laboratory analyses based on approved test methods and monographs.

Process Validation Coordinator
Responsible for preparation and coordination of process validation studies in accordance with FDA, HPFBI, EC, and ICH’s guidelines and applicable the companies policies and processes.

Quality Assurance Associate
As a Quality Assurance Associate you will assist in the strategic direction and development of Quality Systems, standard operating procedures and document control programs, ensuring alignment with the company’s policy, Health Canada and FDA regulations.[/mk_toggle]