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4 Things to Know About Overcomplexity If You’re in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Courses

In the pharmaceutical industry, accuracy and attention to detail are important. Focusing on these things is easier with simplicity, yet in the pharmaceutical industry overcomplexity is common, which can lead to important details getting overlooked. However, many companies are trying to address this issue. In fact, 76% of pharmaceutical execs believe that reducing complexity leads […]

Sustainability: A Brief Guide for Students in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Courses

Sustainability is an important issue and one that the pharmaceutical industry is taking seriously. For pharmaceutical manufacturers, sustainability presents significant challenges. For example, pharmaceutical manufacturing tends to consume a lot of energy and produce quite a bit of waste. At the same time, because the pharmaceutical industry is tightly regulated, manufacturers must make sure that […]

‘Pay-for-Performance’: Staying Updated on Today’s Industry with Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Courses

Innovative progress is an important aspect of the pharmaceutical industry. It helps us reach higher standards of care, as well as provide better, more effective medicine to improve the overall health of our communities. Innovation also means finding viable solutions to some of the growing concerns in the field, namely the rising cost of healthcare. […]

3 Things You Should Know about the Future of Bacterial Resistance in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

One of the central factors which influences how the pharmaceutical industry operates is, of course, medicine and its effectiveness. If medicine is not effective, no consumer will use it, and it becomes unprofitable for developing and manufacturing. Antimicrobial drugs, also known as antibiotics, are a significant component within pharmaceutical manufacturing. They help fight disease-causing bacteria […]

Pursuing a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Diploma? 4 Funding Options That May be Available to You

Education is an investment and having a diploma from a widely respected institution like Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology (TIPT) will help maximize that investment. However, you may worry about how you’ll be able to finance the education you need in order to begin a lucrative career in the pharmaceutical industry. Fortunately, there are plenty […]

Biotech and Beauty: A Career in Cosmetics after Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Courses

Trends towards a personalized and user-centric consumer approach have begun to affect many different industries, including pharmaceutical manufacturing. Although it’s not a new phenomenon, the use of biotechnology, which involves genetic manipulation for industrial purposes, is being integrated on a larger scale in a variety of manufacturing industries. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic production has always been […]

What to Know about Canada’s Innovative Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

According to a 2017 GlobalData study, the Canadian pharmaceutical market is expected to grow steadily to $25 billion by 2021, up from $22.6 billion in 2016. Among the attributes behind this growth, Canada’s pharmaceutical industry is recognized for its thorough manufacturing and innovation. While smaller and developing pharmaceutical markets are experiencing more growth around the […]

The Scale-Up Challenges in the Pharmaceutical Industry: An Important Role of Pharmaceutical Technology Graduates

From fabrication to distribution, the ‘scale-up’ process helps pharmaceutical companies to meet consumer demand. A necessary component for company growth, the process typically increases manufacture from the laboratory to the pilot plant, and ultimately the intended production scale. Throughout each phase, pharmaceutical expertise is required to ensure compliance, safety and product consistency. This expertise is […]