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A Look at the Canadian Life Sciences Industry for Students in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Training

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is part of one of Canada’s most important sectors: life sciences. The life sciences industry encompasses biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical devices and other areas of focus. Life science companies develop and produce new products to change the landscape of Canadian healthcare. They are also responsible for manufacturing both over-the-counter and generic drugs. Without these […]

4 Things to Know About Overcomplexity If You’re in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Courses

In the pharmaceutical industry, accuracy and attention to detail are important. Focusing on these things is easier with simplicity, yet in the pharmaceutical industry overcomplexity is common, which can lead to important details getting overlooked. However, many companies are trying to address this issue. In fact, 76% of pharmaceutical execs believe that reducing complexity leads […]

3 Certificates You Can Earn in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Training and Why They Matter

When enrolled in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing program at Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, you have the option of earning a number of different certificates. These certificates are available in granulation, compression, capsulation, coating, and semi-solid technology. With any of these certificates, you can show potential employers that you have the specialized skills and expertise needed […]