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Quality Control for Biologics: What Students in Quality Control Courses Should Know

Biologics are pharmaceuticals made from a biological source. Usually antibodies or other proteins, they are derived from living cells and can treat diabetes, cancers, arthritis, and autoimmune disease. This is one of the fastest-growing segments of the industry, and contrasts with the synthesis of chemicals for traditional drugs. Working with organic materials presents challenges that […]

3 Ways Pharma 4.0 Could Change Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Pharma 4.0 applies Industry 4.0 concepts to the pharmaceutical industry and offers a great deal of potential for improvement within manufacturing. The concept involves expanding current manufacturing strategies to include a holistic approach that considers information from every stage, from development, to manufacturing and enterprise planning. This increases safety and efficacy along the full product […]

A Guide to Sampling Plans for Students Pursuing Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance

In the pharmaceutical industry, small samples of drugs or other materials are routinely tested to help ensure that they are safe and consistent. To determine how these sample batches of pharmaceutical products are tested, drug makers and health regulators develop and implement what are called sampling plans. During your pharmaceutical quality assurance training, you will […]

What Emerging Gene Therapy Trends Mean for Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Gene therapy could be a revolutionary way to treat rare and deadly diseases for which today’s treatments are limited. As opposed to traditional biopharmaceutical drugs, gene therapy entails introducing healthy genes into a person’s body to replace unhealthy ones. Currently, those who are suffering from rare illnesses must undergo costly and time-consuming drug treatments, but […]