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3 Ways to Ensure the Quality of Raw Materials in Pharmaceutical Quality Control

Quality control is important for any industry, but especially pharmaceuticals. Ensuring maximum quality control of raw pharmaceutical materials is one of the most basic tenets of product manufacturing in the healthcare industry. It’s crucial to have a system in place to make sure quality control is maintained from the beginning of the process onward. However […]

How Automation Is Helping to Improve Pharmaceutical Quality Control

In the pharmaceutical industry, accuracy is essential. Because medication has a significant impact on people’s health, there is little margin for error. Avoiding error in the design and manufacture of pharmaceuticals is partially achieved through quality control. Whereas the majority of quality control measures were once done manually, automated systems have now been implemented to […]

Addressing Drug Shortages with Pharmaceutical Quality Control

Drug shortages are among the most pressing issues facing Canada’s healthcare system. Currently, there are nearly 1700 drug shortages in Canada and these shortages can have serious consequences. In many cases, patients are forced to use alternative drugs that may not be as effective. Meanwhile, when no alternative drug is available, they may be forced […]

Maintaining Effective Pharmaceutical Sanitation with a Quality Control Diploma

Most people are aware of the role that sanitation plays in our lives. From preventing and removing bacteria to improving health and wellbeing, everyone can recognize the importance of practicing appropriate sanitation on a daily basis. However, the importance of cleanliness becomes much more impactful within the pharmaceutical industry, where a range of activities and […]

Financing Options You Can Tap Into When Enrolling in Quality Assurance Courses

Pursuing a lucrative and meaningful career in the pharmaceutical industry as a quality assurance or quality control professional is a worthwhile investment. However, many students both in Canada and abroad require additional financing opportunities to cover their tuition and other related expenses so that they can focus on their studies. Thankfully, there are plenty of […]

4 Industries That Need Professionals With Quality Assurance Training

The development of medical and pharmaceutical products requires precision, which means professionals with training in quality assurance can find their skills very much in demand for a variety of purposes. Curious about where your training in pharmaceutical quality control could take you after you graduate? Here’s a quick look at a few of the specialized […]