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If You’re in Pharmaceutical Training, See How Chemosynthetic Livers Help Research

New pharmaceutical formulations are being developed all the time, and these include prescription and non-prescription drugs, vaccines, products produced through biotechnology, among other products. If you are interested in studying pharmaceutical formulation science, you will want to become familiar with the different aspects of research that contribute to the development of new drugs. For a […]

A New Development in Pharmaceutical Technology: Robotic Syringe Fillers

Pre-filled syringes serve a wide range of functions. The benefits of pre-filling these devices include accurate dosage and a simpler way of administering medication. In the case of self-administered treatments, patient compliance can increase when the process is simpler and easier to follow. Patients may require pre-filled syringes for insulin injections, epinephrine or other drugs […]

Considering Pharmaceutical Research Training? What You Should Know About Generic and Brand Drugs

Generic drugs are marketed as offering the same benefits as their brand name equivalent, usually at a much cheaper price. Among the general public, however, there is often apprehension about these products, with many people believing that generic versions of drugs are inferior to the originals. In fact, a recent study conducted by the University […]