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A New Development in Pharmaceutical Technology: Robotic Syringe Fillers

Pre-filled syringes serve a wide range of functions. The benefits of pre-filling these devices include accurate dosage and a simpler way of administering medication. In the case of self-administered treatments, patient compliance can increase when the process is simpler and easier to follow. Patients may require pre-filled syringes for insulin injections, epinephrine or other drugs […]

A Quick Guide to New Drug Development for Students in R&D Pharmaceutical Courses

In the pharmaceutical industry, proper research and development ensures medications are safe and effective. Before landing on the market, each new drug must undergo meticulous research and testing – a multi-phase process that guarantees compliance with industry standards. From lab discovery to market authorization, this process employs highly-trained research and development professionals. While exact procedures […]

How a Top Pharmaceutical College Helps its Students Launch Their Careers

Pharmaceutical college can open many professional avenues, instilling the skills and qualifications for long-term success. Yet, even top graduates can benefit from career support – helping them navigate the job market and land that coveted first position. Top pharmaceutical colleges will prepare students not only with the technical knowledge they need to succeed, but also […]

How to Make a Significant Impact During an R&D Pharmaceutical Courses Co-op Internship

The opportunity to apply newly developed academic skills within a practical setting is a critical part of any pharmaceutical training program. Not only does it expose students to industry standard equipment and the knowledge of experienced professionals, it also builds confidence before graduation and eventual emergence into the workforce. Whether the co-op internship takes place […]