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With an emphasis on technology-enabling practical projects

The Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology (TIPT®) as a pioneering Institute for practical education and training in industrial pharmaceutical science has a tradition of excellence in pharmaceutical research, with emphasis on technology-enabling practical projects, which characterizes our identity as much as our teaching expertise.

Our research emphasis is on advancing technological capabilities and understanding of pharmaceutical processes and drug delivery systems for industrial applications to products of medicine and health care.

There are four main divisions within our research & development department.

[mk_blockquote font_family=”none”]Since inception, TIPT has remained the leading institution for industrial pharmaceutical education and training, offering fully integrated hands-on training in pharmaceutical sciences, technology and regulatory compliance.[/mk_blockquote]
1. Biopharmaceutics

Our research activities in Biopharmaceutics focuses on drug pharmacokinetics, in-vivo/in-vitro relationships and the use of Design-of- Experiments (DOE) to predict and interpret drug absorption and pharmacodynamics.

Current research examines ways to translate PK-PD elucidations of Class II and Class III biopharmaceutical compounds into new therapeutic benefits.

2. Formulation Sciences

Our research activities focus on novel science and technologies to develop and understand dosage forms with scientific precision and performance predictability. Current research in formulation science includes the deployment of experimental designs (factorial and neural networks) in pre-formulation and formulation development.

3. Manufacturing Technology

Our research activities focus on the sciences and technologies used to develop manufacturing processes as well as manufacturing scale-up models for the final dosage form of medicines

4. Drug Delivery

Our research in drug delivery emphasizes the development of controlled oral drug delivery systems with potential benefits of patient compliance and reduced intra-subject variability. Current research examines ways of adaptive and extended release oral drug delivery systems for predictive release and absorption of therapeutic compounds.

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