Dr. Macgregor Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology

Biopharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology

Dean of the Faculty

General Area of Research:
Advanced oral drug delivery systems, drug targeting, molecular bio-pharmaceutics, clinical pharmacology and drug discovery Studies: Diabetes, Anti-infectives, Obesity and Cancer

Professor MacGregor teaches advanced courses in drug delivery, pharmacokinetics and formulation technology to postgraduate students in the Research & Development program. He is also an external examiner and supervisor of doctorate students completing PhD programs in pharmaceutical science.

His main research focus is in the design, development and clinical testing of pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical products aimed at targeting invasive tumours, diabetes and deep tissue infections.

Selected Recent Publications and Patents:

Hydrodynamic Drug Delivery Systems for Controlled Delivery of Agent : Alexander MacGregor 2001 The present invention provides a hydrostatic delivery system including a hydrostatic couple and an agent of interest. The hydrostatic couple includes at least one hydrodynamic fluid-imbibing polymer, and at least one hydrostatic pressure modulating agent. This delivery system has the ability to control the release of one or more agents of interest within a fluid environment following zero-order kinetics.
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Reverse-Micellar Drug Delivery System for Controlled Transportation and Enhanced Absorption of Agent: 2005 Alexander MacGregor.
The present invention provides a reverse-micellar delivery system for enhanced absorption of an agent of interest across biological membranes such as the gastro-intestinal tract of mammals.
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Method of Treating Dysglycemia and Glucose Excursions: Alexander MacGregor 2009
The present application relates to pharmaceutical compositions for reducing glucose excursions in a normal subject or a subject having an insulin-related disorder or dysglycemia. The pharmaceutical composition contains one or more active agent-containing layers, which each contain a dry blended mixture including a therapeutically effective amount of a polar ionizable insulin-sensitizing oral hypoglycemic agent or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and an amphipathic compound in monomeric ……
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Wenming Zeng, Frank Martinuzzi and Alexander MacGregor ; Development and application of a novel UV method for the analysis of ascorbic acid ; Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis Volume 36, Issue 5, 4 January 2005, Pages 1107-1111