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‘Pay-for-Performance’: Staying Updated on Today’s Industry with Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Courses

Innovative progress is an important aspect of the pharmaceutical industry. It helps us reach higher standards of care, as well as provide better, more effective medicine to improve the overall health of our communities. Innovation also means finding viable solutions to some of the growing concerns in the field, namely the rising cost of healthcare. […]

Gene Editing & Quality Control: 3 Things You Should Know if You’re Considering Quality Assurance Training

Gene editing is the process of artificially modifying an organism’s DNA by removing a piece of the DNA and replacing it with new genetic material. This form of genetic engineering has the potential to provide enormous benefits, including treating genetic disorders, improving crop yields, and controlling the spread of disease. However, gene editing also comes […]

Addressing Drug Shortages with Pharmaceutical Quality Control

Drug shortages are among the most pressing issues facing Canada’s healthcare system. Currently, there are nearly 1700 drug shortages in Canada and these shortages can have serious consequences. In many cases, patients are forced to use alternative drugs that may not be as effective. Meanwhile, when no alternative drug is available, they may be forced […]

3 Things You Should Know about the Future of Bacterial Resistance in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

One of the central factors which influences how the pharmaceutical industry operates is, of course, medicine and its effectiveness. If medicine is not effective, no consumer will use it, and it becomes unprofitable for developing and manufacturing. Antimicrobial drugs, also known as antibiotics, are a significant component within pharmaceutical manufacturing. They help fight disease-causing bacteria […]

What Emerging Gene Therapy Trends Mean for Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Gene therapy could be a revolutionary way to treat rare and deadly diseases for which today’s treatments are limited. As opposed to traditional biopharmaceutical drugs, gene therapy entails introducing healthy genes into a person’s body to replace unhealthy ones. Currently, those who are suffering from rare illnesses must undergo costly and time-consuming drug treatments, but […]