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How Regulatory Affairs Courses Apply to Health Foods

The specialized skills in a regulatory affairs program equip you to work in various industries, one of which is the food industry, including neutraceuticals. Nutraceuticals are foods that have medicinal benefits and are taken for health purposes. Foods with health benefits aren’t limited to neutraceuticals, however. You’ll find health claims made on various foods through […]

A Guide to Drug-Device Combinations for Students in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs

Because combination products are both pharmaceuticals and medical devices, such as inhalers or pre-filled syringes, they present the tricky task of combining two types of product, while making sure regulation is satisfactory. This means that in your career in pharmaceutical regulation, you may have to work in scenarios where two different approaches need to be […]

How to Tell if You’ve Found the Right Regulatory Affairs Program

Studying regulatory affairs is a great way to get started in a career in the pharmaceutical industry, including as a regulatory affairs associate, technical writer, or documentation specialist. However, when researching the different regulatory affairs programs available, you may have trouble distinguishing which programs offer a high-quality education. Fortunately, there are a couple signs you […]

Injections vs Tablet Treatments: The Differences Explained for Students in Regulatory Affairs Courses

Are you seeking a way to advance your existing science skills and gain the practical qualifications to begin a lucrative career in the pharmaceutical sector? Earning your Regulatory Affairs Diploma will place you at the forefront of the industry, providing you with the skills needed to support the licensing and approval of pharmaceutical drugs. To […]

What Students in Regulatory Affairs Courses Need to Know About Health Canada (TPD) and the US FDA

Pharmaceutical regulatory affairs professionals play a vital role in developing and filing the necessary documentation to get approval for new drugs and products. However, they must also be able to advise colleagues about any regulatory challenges which could have an impact on the company’s latest projects. Since many Canadian pharmaceutical companies also operate in the […]

An Overview of the Canadian Drug Regulation System for Students in Regulatory Affairs Courses

When it comes to pharmaceutical innovation, Canada is among the world’s leading countries. In fact, according to the most recent numbers available from the government, “The Canadian pharmaceutical industry is the 10th largest market with a share of 2% of the global market.” Yet while pharmaceutical innovation takes place all over the country, much of […]