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A Guide to Patient-centric Drug Development if You’re in R&D Pharmaceutical Training

While safety and effectiveness have long been top priorities in drug development, in recent years, patient-centric concerns have become increasingly important. While such concerns have always played a role in drug development, they tend to be much more prominent today, thanks to patients being better informed about their treatment options and more willing to have […]

How a Top Pharmaceutical College Helps its Students Launch Their Careers

Pharmaceutical college can open many professional avenues, instilling the skills and qualifications for long-term success. Yet, even top graduates can benefit from career support – helping them navigate the job market and land that coveted first position. Top pharmaceutical colleges will prepare students not only with the technical knowledge they need to succeed, but also […]

Everything You Need to Know About Formulation Technologist Pharmaceutical Careers

For students serious about finding opportunities as a research and development professional, pharmaceutical formulation technology can offer excellent career options. Formulation technologists (also known as formulation chemists and scientists) are responsible for developing new drug formulas, and testing them to ensure both quality and effectiveness. They are also tasked with the recording of strict regulations […]