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What Students in Regulatory Affairs Training Should Know About the USMCA’s Biologic Protections

The United-States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or the USMCA, is a free trade agreement between the three neighbouring countries, to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which was in place for 25 years. The USMCA introduces new regulations on biologics, affecting data protection and the price of medicine, as well as expanding on the definition of […]

Why Generic Drug Approval Changes Matter If You’re Studying Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs

Generic drugs play an important role in Canada’s pharmaceutical industry. They also play an essential role in the health and wellbeing of many Canadians, who are able to receive relief and treatment for their medical conditions without paying the higher costs associated with name-brand drugs. Recently, Health Canada has proposed certain amendments to the Food […]

How a Top Pharmaceutical College Helps its Students Launch Their Careers

Pharmaceutical college can open many professional avenues, instilling the skills and qualifications for long-term success. Yet, even top graduates can benefit from career support – helping them navigate the job market and land that coveted first position. Top pharmaceutical colleges will prepare students not only with the technical knowledge they need to succeed, but also […]