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Addressing Drug Shortages with Pharmaceutical Quality Control

Drug shortages are among the most pressing issues facing Canada’s healthcare system. Currently, there are nearly 1700 drug shortages in Canada and these shortages can have serious consequences. In many cases, patients are forced to use alternative drugs that may not be as effective. Meanwhile, when no alternative drug is available, they may be forced […]

How to Control Pharmaceutical Dust in Quality Control Training

Professionals in pharmaceutical quality control have a tremendous amount of responsibility on their shoulders. Tasked with monitoring the safety and efficacy of every aspect of the manufacturing and testing processes, they must leave no stone unturned to ensure that the products their employers produce pose no dangers to either their colleagues or the general public. […]

The Process of Validation: Methods Students in Quality Control Training Should Be Aware of Upon Graduation

Validation in a pharmaceutical setting provides workers with the confidence that their products are being manufactured to the highest standard on a consistent basis. It is a crucial aspect of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in the pharma industry, and it’s an area of expertise that is possessed by quality assurance and quality control graduates. It […]