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How to Control Pharmaceutical Dust in Quality Control Training

Professionals in pharmaceutical quality control have a tremendous amount of responsibility on their shoulders. Tasked with monitoring the safety and efficacy of every aspect of the manufacturing and testing processes, they must leave no stone unturned to ensure that the products their employers produce pose no dangers to either their colleagues or the general public. […]

How to Make a Significant Impact During an R&D Pharmaceutical Courses Co-op Internship

The opportunity to apply newly developed academic skills within a practical setting is a critical part of any pharmaceutical training program. Not only does it expose students to industry standard equipment and the knowledge of experienced professionals, it also builds confidence before graduation and eventual emergence into the workforce. Whether the co-op internship takes place […]

4 Industries That Need Professionals With Quality Assurance Training

The development of medical and pharmaceutical products requires precision, which means professionals with training in quality assurance can find their skills very much in demand for a variety of purposes. Curious about where your training in pharmaceutical quality control could take you after you graduate? Here’s a quick look at a few of the specialized […]

What Students in Regulatory Affairs Courses Need to Know About Health Canada (TPD) and the US FDA

Pharmaceutical regulatory affairs professionals play a vital role in developing and filing the necessary documentation to get approval for new drugs and products. However, they must also be able to advise colleagues about any regulatory challenges which could have an impact on the company’s latest projects. Since many Canadian pharmaceutical companies also operate in the […]