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The Five P’s of GMP in Pharmaceutical Careers

When consumers buy drugs at the pharmacy, they have to be able to trust that the products are safe, high quality and serve their advertised purpose. Drug manufacturers have a significant role in quality assurance as they must follow strict regulations. Manufacturers guarantee safety, efficacy, and consistency by adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). GMP […]

What Students in Pharmaceutical Technology Courses Should Know About Universal Pharmacare

Universal pharmacare differs from universal healthcare.  With universal healthcare in Canada, coverage ends for many patients once they have been given a prescription. Universal pharmacare would offer a program where prescribed pharmaceuticals are accessible to all Canadians, in addition to other health services. As someone looking towards a career in the pharmaceutical industry, you may […]

3 Main Differences of Working at Big vs. Small Companies After Quality Assurance Training

When pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry, it’s important to work at a company where you’ll fit and feel comfortable. Once you’ve completed your quality assurance training, you can look for careers in either big companies or smaller ones. Both big and small pharmaceutical companies have their relative advantages and drawbacks and neither is […]

How to Achieve Supreme Attention to Detail during Regulatory Affairs Training

Accuracy and attention to detail in the pharmaceutical industry is beneficial not only for employees and organizations, but for the general public who are receiving medications after they have been released to the marketplace. During the development process, professionals working in regulatory affairs are required to exercise a great deal of precision and accuracy in […]

Financing Options You Can Tap Into When Enrolling in Quality Assurance Courses

Pursuing a lucrative and meaningful career in the pharmaceutical industry as a quality assurance or quality control professional is a worthwhile investment. However, many students both in Canada and abroad require additional financing opportunities to cover their tuition and other related expenses so that they can focus on their studies. Thankfully, there are plenty of […]

Evolving Perceptions of the Pharmaceutical Industry: How Regulatory Affairs Diploma Holders Can Play a Role

The development and production of new medicines to help those in need makes pharmaceutical careers very rewarding. New drugs and products are constantly being discovered and lead to breakthroughs in treatment and prevention that make the world a better place. However, while the industry remains a necessity in the modern world, consumer trust has become […]

Everything You Need to Know About Formulation Technologist Pharmaceutical Careers

For students serious about finding opportunities as a research and development professional, pharmaceutical formulation technology can offer excellent career options. Formulation technologists (also known as formulation chemists and scientists) are responsible for developing new drug formulas, and testing them to ensure both quality and effectiveness. They are also tasked with the recording of strict regulations […]