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Why Generic Drug Approval Changes Matter If You’re Studying Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs

Generic drugs play an important role in Canada’s pharmaceutical industry. They also play an essential role in the health and wellbeing of many Canadians, who are able to receive relief and treatment for their medical conditions without paying the higher costs associated with name-brand drugs. Recently, Health Canada has proposed certain amendments to the Food […]

How to Tell if You’ve Found the Right Regulatory Affairs Program

Studying regulatory affairs is a great way to get started in a career in the pharmaceutical industry, including as a regulatory affairs associate, technical writer, or documentation specialist. However, when researching the different regulatory affairs programs available, you may have trouble distinguishing which programs offer a high-quality education. Fortunately, there are a couple signs you […]

An Overview of the Canadian Drug Regulation System for Students in Regulatory Affairs Courses

When it comes to pharmaceutical innovation, Canada is among the world’s leading countries. In fact, according to the most recent numbers available from the government, “The Canadian pharmaceutical industry is the 10th largest market with a share of 2% of the global market.” Yet while pharmaceutical innovation takes place all over the country, much of […]