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4 Ways Students in GMP Certification Can Improve Their Documentation Skills For a Career in Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry, like any other workplace, operates on information. In order for this information to be shared effectively, students can’t rely only on standard procedure, they must also practice good documentation. In essence, documentation is simply a way to share a message or information to the reader, and can help influence a facility’s day […]

Maintaining Effective Pharmaceutical Sanitation with a Quality Control Diploma

Most people are aware of the role that sanitation plays in our lives. From preventing and removing bacteria to improving health and wellbeing, everyone can recognize the importance of practicing appropriate sanitation on a daily basis. However, the importance of cleanliness becomes much more impactful within the pharmaceutical industry, where a range of activities and […]

Reducing Human Error in a Pharmaceutical Company with a Quality Assurance Diploma

Human error is an unfortunate reality of many aspects of life, including the pharmaceutical industry. Mistakes made during pharmaceutical manufacturing and development often prove to be costly as well as unnecessary, causing batch recalls and potentially affecting the health of the general public. Read on to learn more about how to prevent making avoidable mistakes […]