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A Look at the Canadian Life Sciences Industry for Students in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Training

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is part of one of Canada’s most important sectors: life sciences. The life sciences industry encompasses biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical devices and other areas of focus. Life science companies develop and produce new products to change the landscape of Canadian healthcare. They are also responsible for manufacturing both over-the-counter and generic drugs. Without these […]

Why Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Is Causing a Stir in the Pharma Industry

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is undergoing a significant change. Batch manufacturing, which has long been the preferred method of making pharmaceutical drugs, is slowly giving way to continuous manufacturing (CM). While CM has been used for hundreds of years in other industries, its adoption by the pharmaceutical industry is new and causing a lot of excitement. Below […]

Granulation Processes: 2 Main Types You’ll Learn About in Pharmaceutical Technology Training

The pharmaceutical manufacturing process must be predictable and repeatable in order to ensure a working product and reduce the risk of defects, which means that consistency and reproducibility are two core components of pharmaceutical technology. Granulation is the process of producing granules or fine grains by creating bonds between collected particles, and it represents a […]

Sustainability: A Brief Guide for Students in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Courses

Sustainability is an important issue and one that the pharmaceutical industry is taking seriously. For pharmaceutical manufacturers, sustainability presents significant challenges. For example, pharmaceutical manufacturing tends to consume a lot of energy and produce quite a bit of waste. At the same time, because the pharmaceutical industry is tightly regulated, manufacturers must make sure that […]

‘Pay-for-Performance’: Staying Updated on Today’s Industry with Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Courses

Innovative progress is an important aspect of the pharmaceutical industry. It helps us reach higher standards of care, as well as provide better, more effective medicine to improve the overall health of our communities. Innovation also means finding viable solutions to some of the growing concerns in the field, namely the rising cost of healthcare. […]

4 Ways Students in GMP Certification Can Improve Their Documentation Skills For a Career in Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry, like any other workplace, operates on information. In order for this information to be shared effectively, students can’t rely only on standard procedure, they must also practice good documentation. In essence, documentation is simply a way to share a message or information to the reader, and can help influence a facility’s day […]

The Scale-Up Challenges in the Pharmaceutical Industry: An Important Role of Pharmaceutical Technology Graduates

From fabrication to distribution, the ‘scale-up’ process helps pharmaceutical companies to meet consumer demand. A necessary component for company growth, the process typically increases manufacture from the laboratory to the pilot plant, and ultimately the intended production scale. Throughout each phase, pharmaceutical expertise is required to ensure compliance, safety and product consistency. This expertise is […]