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A Look at the Canadian Life Sciences Industry for Students in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Training

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Pharmaceutical manufacturing is part of one of Canada’s most important sectors: life sciences. The life sciences industry encompasses biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical devices and other areas of focus. Life science companies develop and produce new products to change the landscape of Canadian healthcare. They are also responsible for manufacturing both over-the-counter and generic drugs.

Without these companies, patients wouldn’t be able to receive the medicine they need. The industry is an important part of Canada’s research and economy. Read on to learn more about the Canadian life sciences industry and how you could fit into it with your pharmaceutical manufacturing career!

How Research Creates Jobs for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Diploma Grads

Research through clinical trials and product testing generates data and other intellectual property that is valuable to Canada. Discovery of new pharmaceutical products leads to manufacturing of products that can help more patients and increase the number of available treatments. In particular, the Canadian life sciences industry has one of the highest numbers of biotechnology companies. Production of treatments like hormones and antibiotics comes from biotechnology, which uses genes in microorganisms. Within vaccinations and recent HIV research, in particular, Canada is a world leader.

When you become a pharmaceutical production technician or a pharmaceutical manufacturing technician, you may work in implementing processes to create tablets, capsules, injectables, ointments and more. Your pharmaceutical manufacturing diploma qualifies you to maintain optimal conditions and support a company in its delivery of high quality drugs. In many cases, such as with biotechnology companies or advanced drug delivery systems, you may find that you need to ensure a new drug is properly manufactured and adheres to government and industry regulations.

The Ecosystem Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Training Can Lead You to

Some would refer to life sciences as an ecosystem, with collaboration being necessary for the industry to move forward, not just in Canada but worldwide. This means that co-developing, sharing of information and technology, and partnerships are becoming more common. For instance, pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies rely on innovation from one another to drive the industry forward. Collaboration between companies from these two areas can give both partners a competitive advantage in the space overall.

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Pharmaceutical manufacturing is part of a large, collaborative ecosystem in life sciences

This aspect of the life sciences sector means that your career will be one driven by partnerships and cooperation. When you graduate from a pharmaceutical manufacturing program, the work you pursue is a piece of a larger system that tackles important questions and needs in human health.

Exciting Opportunities for Life Sciences in Ontario

Ontario is the largest life sciences centre in Canada. There are approximately 1900 firms in the province alone. In all of North America, Ontario is in seventh place for employment in life sciences and ranks eighth for the number of establishments it has in the sector. This means that there is a wealth of opportunity and many qualified individuals work in the industry here. As a pharmaceutical manufacturing student, you can be inspired by the research, innovation and development taking place around you.

The agility and success of pharmaceuticals in Ontario also makes it a thriving industry for those entering it as a career. Over half of the Canadians employed in the pharmaceutical sector are in Ontario. With high exports and access to the NAFTA marketplace, studying in Ontario is a great way to prepare before diving into a career in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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Ontario is a great place to find opportunities in the pharmaceutical sector

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