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Graduate Outlook: The Pharma Companies Hiring GMP Training Graduates

GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical manufacturing

Figuring out the next step in life once your studies have concluded can be an anxious task for recent graduates eager to establish themselves in the professional environment. However, those who have completed pharmaceutical manufacturing courses will find no shortage of opportunities, with employers constantly on the lookout for new graduates who have accomplished the necessary training and have acquired in-depth knowledge about industry practices.

These organizations require ambitious and dedicated personnel in order to take their vision to the next level and provide better services to the public. For those considering pursuing a pharmaceutical career, here are some organizations employing recent graduates that you will want to keep an eye on throughout your training.

Don’t be Afraid to Aim High with Companies like Apotex

Apotex specializes in manufacturing and distributing a broad range of high-quality medicines to patients and healthcare providers worldwide. Founded in 1974, the largest Canadian-owned company in the industry employs over 6,500 professionals in a wide range of pharmaceutical positions.

From research, to development, to manufacturing facilities, graduates from GMP training are introduced to numerous opportunities within one company, and it is the ideal place for those with expertise in producing products that meet stringent quality standards. Apotex’s excellent moral and ethical track record is another reason why graduates should consider applying to this organization.


Quality and diligence are two main factors in drug manufacturing
Quality and diligence are two main factors in drug manufacturing


Amgen has a Great Business Strategy

In 2018, Amgen made ProClinical’s top 10 pharma list for the first time, placing in the number 10 spot. An American biopharmaceutical company, Amgen specializes in human therapeutics, cardiovascular disease, and bone health to name just a few areas. While its main headquarters is in California, the company also has a Canadian branch in Mississauga.


Organization and planning in the workplace are key for continued success
Organization and planning in the workplace are key for continued success

For those who pride themselves on being meticulous and precise, Amgen’s business philosophy makes it an intriguing place to build a long-term career. With the use of advanced technology and science, Amgen focuses on discovering and developing new medicines that will help patients ward off illnesses and improve their lives. Amgen’s recent success in product development has earned it recognition as one of Fortune Magazine’s Most Admired Companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

GSK is a Force in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

Another global organization with a branch in Mississauga, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is a leading British pharmaceutical company, and is the ninth largest organization in the world. It has consistently provided innovative drugs and medicines to treat all kinds of conditions, including treatments for HIV, respiratory aids, and vaccines.

With an astute reputation in pharmaceutical manufacturing, GSK enables graduates to assert themselves with a dominant force in the industry and strive to develop their skills on a long-term basis while achieving short-term success. In a recent poll, it was revealed that 85% of employees at GSK were proud to be a member of their organization. Championing unwavering values of trust, integrity, and respect, GSK is certainly a company to put on your list of career options.

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