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The Process of Validation: Methods Students in Quality Control Training Should Be Aware of Upon Graduation

Validation in a pharmaceutical setting provides workers with the confidence that their products are being manufactured to the highest standard on a consistent basis. It is a crucial aspect of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in the pharma industry, and it’s an area of expertise that is possessed by quality assurance and quality control graduates. It […]

How to Achieve Supreme Attention to Detail during Regulatory Affairs Training

Accuracy and attention to detail in the pharmaceutical industry is beneficial not only for employees and organizations, but for the general public who are receiving medications after they have been released to the marketplace. During the development process, professionals working in regulatory affairs are required to exercise a great deal of precision and accuracy in […]

Maintaining Effective Pharmaceutical Sanitation with a Quality Control Diploma

Most people are aware of the role that sanitation plays in our lives. From preventing and removing bacteria to improving health and wellbeing, everyone can recognize the importance of practicing appropriate sanitation on a daily basis. However, the importance of cleanliness becomes much more impactful within the pharmaceutical industry, where a range of activities and […]

How Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Training Helps to Ensure Medical Device Safety

In addition to working with various types of drugs, cosmetics, medicines, and other pharmaceuticals, medical devices fall into the category of products that require regulation before being approved for organizational and public use. Medical devices can include any number of products used in treatment, alleviation, diagnosis, or disease prevention for certain physical conditions. The most […]

Reducing Human Error in a Pharmaceutical Company with a Quality Assurance Diploma

Human error is an unfortunate reality of many aspects of life, including the pharmaceutical industry. Mistakes made during pharmaceutical manufacturing and development often prove to be costly as well as unnecessary, causing batch recalls and potentially affecting the health of the general public. Read on to learn more about how to prevent making avoidable mistakes […]

A Quick Guide to New Drug Development for Students in R&D Pharmaceutical Courses

In the pharmaceutical industry, proper research and development ensures medications are safe and effective. Before landing on the market, each new drug must undergo meticulous research and testing – a multi-phase process that guarantees compliance with industry standards. From lab discovery to market authorization, this process employs highly-trained research and development professionals. While exact procedures […]

What to Know about Canada’s Innovative Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

According to a 2017 GlobalData study, the Canadian pharmaceutical market is expected to grow steadily to $25 billion by 2021, up from $22.6 billion in 2016. Among the attributes behind this growth, Canada’s pharmaceutical industry is recognized for its thorough manufacturing and innovation. While smaller and developing pharmaceutical markets are experiencing more growth around the […]